Restaurant La Bujaja

La Bujaja Restaurant is named after the local nocturnal bird called Bujaja.

This open-air restaurant was built by Don Julio, the community carpenter, in an unobstructed style of architecture using renewable local resources such as; tree trunks, vines, and a thatched roof, and includes an industrial kitchen.

As you take your seat along one of Don Julio’s skillfully built wooden tables, ready to enjoy the Caribbean-Honduran cuisine, you will be entertained by the wild life and cooled by the soft breeze of the lagoon.

Our kitchen is staffed with a dedicated team of local cooks, willing to share their knowledge of authentic Caribbean-Honduran cuisine. We are proud of their efforts in constant improvement of their service to make sure each guest has the best experience possible.

Our food is mostly prepared with local high quality products such as; cheese, milk, freshly caught fish, free range poultry, eggs, fruits and vegetables. Please notice that some food items are seasonal or produced locally in small amounts and they are not available certain times of the year or in large quantities. Our first choice is local high quality products.