The Los Olingos mission is the conservation, protection, and restoration of natural and cultural resources in the area.

From the initial conception of our touristic complex we designated approximately 50% of our land for a wildlife sanctuary. Since then a great variety of birds, olingo monkeys, iguanas, and many other types of wildlife have repopulated this wooded reserve.

In addition, we have planted approximately 2,000 ornamental plants, 350 fruit trees, 400 coconut trees, 350 cacao trees, 500 plantain, and 1,000 hardwood and lumber trees. Slowly, we are increasing the habitat for more wildlife and converting the once cow pasture and deforested land onto luscious green, shaded areas.

We promote the coexistence of humans and nature. Our settings allow our guests to experience wildlife, natural attractions, and indigenous culture with the minimum intrusion in their habitats. At Los Olingos grounds, we have built walkways for our guests to get around the lodge area and flower gardens to protect the wildlife. In the areas adjacent to the lodge, we are building walking trails at the same time we are planting trees to bring wildlife, reforestation, and nature lovers together at optimal harmony.

We are very pleased and proud to contribute to our community Agua Chiquita and other neighboring communities, by employing and training our own local people. We employ an average of 15 workers for a variety of jobs such as; construction, cooking, housekeeping, gardening, heavy equipment operators, drivers, electricians, ground keeping, care-taker, etc. In addition, high quality products such as; cheese, milk, fish, free range chickens, eggs, and vegetables are purchased from our neighbors.

Our community has come a long way since 1995, when a lifetime dream of having running water became reality followed by our ten year long electrical project which in October 2005, brought electricity to Agua Chiquita. We are still working on improving our access road and will not stop until it can be open to all vehicles, all year long.

Even though we have accomplished a great deal in both Los Olingos and in our community development, we continue our outreach campaign to bring more opportunities for community development.

Moreover, we offer our guests tours to the community and encourage day trips to the Lancetilla Botanical Garden, Punta Sal National Park, the Garifuna Village of Miami, and the town of Tela. The opportunity to mingle with our neighbors and observe everyday life in Agua Chiquita, to enjoy natural attractions and cultural heritage gives our guests an understanding and the satisfaction of playing a vital role in the a sustainable model of modern eco-friendly tourism.

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