About Us

Los Olingos, owned by Agua Chiquita natives, is the result of the inspiration and hard work of a community of free thinkers and visionaries, committed to the conservation, protection, and restoration of the natural and cultural resources in the area, as well as the promotion of the coexistence of humans and nature, utilizing sustainable methods to minimize their carbon foot print.

Even though Los Olingos was born in 2003 with the acquisition of 57 acres (33 manzanas) of farm land on the shore of Los Micos Lagoon, the conception of this dream started in the 1950’s when a small piece of land along the lagoon was purchased by the family. Our vision is to restore the farm land to its original lush green forest and countless wild animal species while creating eco-friendly lodging for people to experience nature.

Our project kicked-off in 2004 with the creation of a dirt road from the village to Los Olingos and, in 2005, we brought electricity to Los Olingos. In 2006, we built our first structures were built, a small hut for the caretaker and his family to live in and a pier for the local boats to use for docking.  In 2007, houses built by the Standard Fruit Company in the 1920´s were purchased from a local beach resort during their renovation.  The houses were dismantled and transported from the city of Tela to Los Olingos to be reconstructed in order to preserve the authenticity of the national history.

In 2008, El Tamarindo Conference Center and villa El Tamarindo were built, then on 2009 – 2010, villa El Toronjo, followed by cabana El Mango in 2011, and villa El Cocal in 2013.  Every villa and cabana was built with the original wood used by the Standard Fruit Company with special care to preserve the original architectural design.

In 2011, the construction of the Restaurant La Bujaja took place. This is an open-air restaurant built in an unobstructed style of architecture with local tree trunks, vines, a thatched roof and an industrial kitchen. La Bujaja Restaurant is named after a local nocturnal bird whose peculiar song resemble its name.

In 2014, the Reception building was completed and in 2015, the cabana El Cacaotal was built. This cabana is surrounded by a plantation of cocoa trees. The style of construction resemble the local traditional farm homes.

For all the construction work, a local constructor has been hired since 2005 to the present. As lodging and other facilities were being built, the creation of walking trails, planting of fruit and ornamental plants, and general landscaping was improved, simultaneously.  In addition, La Montañita; an area of about 50% of the total land, was reserved for a wildlife sanctuary.

Reforestation, repopulation of wildlife, landscaping, and lodging is just the beginning for Los Olingos. In the near future, our vision is to expand to organic vegetables and ornamental gardens; bird friendly wind and solar energy; biking and water trails; a training program for workers and potential local employment candidates; internships and apprentice opportunities, research and languages programs for schools and individuals.